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The Goal

While working for Browsi, I led the development of fresh UI designs for their platform, guided by characterizations documents and in line with their established design system. This involved meticulously tailoring user interfaces to reflect the brand’s identity and seamlessly integrate into the existing design framework. The result was an intuitive and engaging user experience that aligned seamlessly with Browsi’s values and resonated with its target audience.
Upon encountering a page housing all the essential settings but lacking a user-friendly interface, I embraced the challenge during my time at Browsi. My primary objective became transforming this interface into a more welcoming and intuitive design, ensuring that users could navigate the settings effortlessly. Leveraging my design expertise and insights from characterizations documents, I optimized the layout, color schemes, and interactive elements, ultimately delivering a seamless and user-centric experience. The result was a transformed interface that not only retained its functionality but also became inviting and accessible to users.

The Mission

Mock Up:

Final Designs:

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